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Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition


RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT ® Payment Processing Policy 

RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT ® is fully committed to refund your full money if you are not fully satisfied with our service

Once your request has been successfully placed on our website we will review your request and give quote for approval process then once client approves the quote we will deliver your request and invoice will be raised for monthly or Weekly or Daily  or on demand services based on type of customized web site development or consulting services.

 All payments are requested based on Invoice billed monthly/weekly/daily based on the services.  We successfully process your payment and maintain your system based on our service level agreement (SLA) which will be handed over when you approve the system of work (SOW) during quote approval process

 So if you are not satisfy with our services for any reason you can cancel the service any time by please call to RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT® at (203)-570-2460 with your service quote number & Phone Number associated with the account then we will prorate the amount and refund will be processed based on early agreement listed in system of work (SOW)

 Following Online Invoice Payment Processing workflow will be used on our site so that you agree to accept our terms and conditions to place order on our website

 1) Once the Invoice is placed for your service then you can pay your invoice through credit card sale then we charge to the amount to the card entered during online invoice payment processing for the given System of Work (SOW) 

2) Users can call RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT® at  (203)-403-3680to cancel the system of work (SOW)  to reverse the transactions before SOW Confirmation/approval confirmation by the client and client will also get notified by email about the current status of the system of work.  Once our deliverable to the client is complete then we expect the payment by invoice and if you are not satisfied then we revert back the same charged amount back to the same card.

 3) Once the SOW (System of work) is confirmed and if client have any extra items added then store have rights to charge upcharges or refund based on sales settlement for the given day for that particular order

 4) RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT ® has rights to cancel or denial of service with mutual agreement with client with written confirmation of cancellation request of the System of Work (SOW).  If such event occurs then if any client payments will be reversed anytime with agreeable payment terms listed in SOW to the client.

 5) All clients must be registered in order to get the service from RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT®

 6) All payments or collections are due upon Invoice and we expect collect the money based on our agreement with the client listed in System of Work (SOW)

7)  ACH or Check Payment also accepted for the Invoice Payment and please write check to RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT®  mail to  63 Chelsea Pl, Ridgefield CT 06877. 

 If any question or issues, please call RS Data Architect Solutions LLC Ridgefield CT® at (203)-403-3680